Repair Policies and Procedures


Once we receive your computer, we will complete an inspection and assess the damage. This typically occurs within 24-48 hours from receipt of the computer. If your computer is still in warranty, we are required by Shearwater to repair and ship your computer within 5-business days from receipt of the computer. If your computer is out of warranty, we will email you an estimate for the repair. If you authorize the repair, we will send you an invoice that can be paid online through QuickBooks. The repair will be completed within 5-business days from receipt of payment. See exceptions.


A computer that comes in for repairs will need to be disassembled to properly test the components to determine the failure. Once the failure has been determined, we will be able to accurately calculate an estimate for the necessary repairs. If you decline the repairs, and wish to have the computer returned to you, it will be returned disassembled.

There is no cost for the inspection or estimate.


Delays in repair time may result if we are participating in a dive related Trade show, special diving event, offsite training event, or are lucky enough to get some vacation time. You may email us to inquire about current turnaround times.

Repair Warranty

Our repairs include a 6-month repair warranty for workmanship and parts we install or replace in your computer, except consumables (i.e., alkaline and lithium batteries and screen protectors). Customer must follow manufacturer’s guidelines. We do not warranty customer misuse or abuse.


Due to the lack of available parts for the Predator, we can no longer offer a complete repair warranty.